Pastor, Rediscover Your Calling

Pioneer a Movement of Obedient Disciples who Multiply in Your City 

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Is what you're doing now as a pastor all that you hoped it would be?

Are you one of the 42% of pastors who've wanted to quit in the past year?

Do you ever wonder why your church experience might look different from what's in the Word?

There is another way.

Journey to Rediscover Your Calling

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Begin Your Journey by Getting in Touch with Us

We want to be your guides on this journey to rediscover your calling. To best understand your unique story and setting, we’d like to be in touch and start a conversation. This allows us to see the best ways we can serve you, including whether our coaching and training is what’s best for you. So please be in touch, and we’ll get back to you very soon.

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Get Coaching

Our top priority for you is to put you in touch with a likeminded coach who is a step or two ahead in their own journey. In the long run, this is where the majority of your training and learning will happen, in relationship. Our coaches are pastors and leaders like you who have made the leap to become movement pioneers. They serve North American movements of multiplying disciples and simple churches.

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Complete Our Training

Your coach will determine if our training is a good fit for you and how to walk with you through it. The training will guide you through a mind shift from managing programs and institutions to multiplying disciples and churches. For the most part, the training lasts about ten weeks with ongoing coaching to help you apply your goals. Our training and coaching is completely free. The only cost to you is your time and work to prepare for each meeting and process the information.

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Form a Peer Cohort

As you receive coaching and begin our training, your coach will help you join or form a peer cohort. This group will help you put the principles and practices you’re learning into action. Your cohort will also become an ongoing support group for you as you go further down this path for years to come. Our team of volunteer coaches lead our cohorts.

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Connect with a Network of Support

Although we’re pioneers, we’re not lone rangers. We need ongoing communal support from many streams or practice. As you receive coaching and training, you’ll begin to connect with a wider body of brothers and sisters. This network is like a tapestry of people from many different backgrounds but with a similar heart and vision. They collaborate across North America and beyond to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Transform Your Community

Our training and support will help you cooperate with what God is doing in your community. As disciples and churches multiply around you, we want to help you see your city and region transform. An important fruit of your work will be neighbors loving and serving one another, on earth as in heaven. We’re here to walk with you and your network as community transformation takes root as well.