Hello and welcome to episode six of Pastor to Pioneer on the road!  This week, Britton connects with James Gunnell and Christian Rafetto, brothers-in-law living in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  Both men were staff members of churches; they share how they each respectively came to the conclusion that there were deep, systemically broken issues happening that went far beyond their individual churches to the church at large.  Each of them saw good people with good intentions in the church, but they also observed the ways in which their churches were structured seemed to set their people up for less than what God has intended for the Church.  During COVID, Christian and James began meeting regularly in James’ house with a few other families; the brothers-in-law share how, through this, they began to learn that church is more than just a weekly event; it is a life lived together.  They discuss with Britton how they are learning to bear one another’s burdens as they meet one another’s needs in very practical ways.  James and Christian gladly share the positive impact that being the church in simple ways has had on their families, and continues to shape their vision as they look to continue being the church going forward.

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