Britton Hits the Road

Hello everyone, and welcome to the kickoff of season three of Pastor to Pioneer!  In this season’s debut episode, Matt and Neal check in with Britton to discuss life on the road.  Britton is two months in to a seven month, whole-family-along-for-the-ride journey, and is exploring what that looks like.  Matt and Neal talk to […]

What Happens When the Church Grows?

Talking about the practical implication of how churches multiply in a decentralized movement that meets in homes.   Addition vs multiplication Encouraging people to start small with just their family sometimes to start meeting as the church Seeing the people around you as a gift from God to consider inviting in to your home to meet […]

Can I do both?

We talk about whether hybrid is a good option.  Can I continue doing church as I know it and add disciple making and simple church principles.  Steve talked about how it is a question of if you are talking about changing or adding apps to a phone or if you are looking at changing the […]

What About the Money?

What to do about money is a popular question. If you aren’t part of church with a 501c3 institutional structure, what do you do with your money?  Chris, Matt, and Neal talk share many stories about how giving can be very simple to meet practical needs in their churches and in their communities.   They talk […]

Family Matters

This week on Pastor to Pioneer, we hear from Michelle Smith.  Michelle is a leader in the simple church in west Michigan, and wife to Britton Smith who co-hosts this show.  Michelle and Britton share their story of how they began to step into being the church in their home, and all the difficulties, nuances, […]

Redefining Leadership

Hello and welcome to Pastor to Pioneer!  This week—episode four of season two—we hear from Damian Gerke.  Damian is an elder in the 1Body network of house churches in Tampa, Florida, as well as a leadership and talent development coach.  In this episode, the guys talk to Damian about what real leadership looks like, especially […]

Multiplication, Discipleship, and Heresy: Growing Things Right

In episode three of season two, the guys interview Curtis Sergeant, leader of a ministry in Alabama—called MetaCamp—founded on making disciples and sending them out into their local communities, with special emphasis on small, simple churches.  Curtis lived in Asia as a missionary for several years, and when he returned to the United States was […]

Church: Neither For Nor Against

This week on Pastor to Pioneer, the guys talk to Jim Pool, formerly a pastor of a large church in the Detroit area, about his experience leaving that role and stepping into a new, different, pioneering one.  They discuss candidly the shortcomings of the big(ish) church model, and the ways in which they desire and […]

Forging A Path: Where Does It Lead?

Welcome to the kickoff episode of season two of Pastor to Pioneer!  This week, Britton, Matt, and Neal discuss where the path of pioneering can lead.  The guys wrestle with the ideas of what the church truly is—doing life together—and what it is not—an event we just show up to once (or sometimes twice) a […]

No Dead Ends: Pioneering Through the Obstacles

In this round of Pastor to Pioneer, Britton, Matt, and Neal (no guest this week) discuss barriers to pioneering in the Church today.  The guys dive into some of the difficulties they have seen as they have walked alongside other pastors, but also examine hurdles from their own stories.  These obstacles include—among other things—finances, pastoral […]