Breaking Free from Traditional Practices

Donnie Dickens, a pastor from Alabama, had a strong desire for more impactful ministry and realized that the traditional mold of ministry was not the best approach. Through research and reading books by Frank Viola, he discovered alternative ways of doing church and saw the need for a shift in focus. In this episode, he […]

Trusting our Spiritual Father in the Pioneering Journey

In this conversation, Luc Jackson and Britton discuss their experiences with simple church and the importance of intergenerational relationships. They talk about the joy of doing church with family and the value of including older generations in the church community. They also explore the difference between their previous experiences in traditional church settings and their […]

Rethinking Church: Focusing on the Great Commission

Tim Mezera shares his journey from pastoring a multi-site church to transitioning to house churches and disciple-making in Detroit. The transition was prompted by a realization that the focus on numbers and finances was not aligned with the call to make disciples. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Tim had a powerful encounter with the fear of […]

How to Raise Financial Support Well

On the final episode of Season 4, we cover the topic of how to raise financial support well. This is for those pastors who decide they want to go the route of raising support and pioneering full-time. We have John and Devin Marshall from New Hampshire along with Matt Schneider from Massachusetts. They share their […]

How to Transition Well to a Marketplace Job

Eric shares practical advice and wisdom for pastors who are considering transitioning into the marketplace. He talks about common mistakes and practical first steps. Check out this episode!

Start Now Before Your Transition

Welcome to episode 7 of season 4! Today we have Logan Wolf joining us from Salt Lake City, Utah. Logan and his wife moved out to Salt Lake in 2011 to plant a church and later transitioned to starting a network of house churches. We shared a lot of laughs and stories on today’s episode […]

How to Transition Your Family Well

Welcome to episode 6 of season 4 of the Pastor to Pioneer Podcast. Today I have Josh Chaffin from Central Michigan and Justin Roper from Charlotte, North Carolina. We are discussing the topic of how do you help you family transition well from pastoring to pioneering? These guys share a lot of wisdom and things […]

Your Job is NOT Your Calling

Today I have Damian Gerke from Tampa, Florida. And Neil Karsten from Holland, Michigan joining us as we jump into episode five of this season and talk about the topic that your job is NOT your calling. It’s a common question. It’s a common wrestling a lot of pastors have. Let’s dive in.     […]

Transparency in Transition

Welcome to episode 4 of season 4! Today we continue to talk about how do you transition well from being a pastor into pioneering, disciple making, and simple church movements? Today we’re having a conversation around this topic of how transparent should you be with your church when you’re starting to grow in conviction and […]

Conversations with Church Leaders

  Welcome to episode 3 of this season of the Pastor to Pioneer Podcast. We have a great conversation with Matt Schneider in New England, and Isaac Dagneau in British Columbia. These guys are at two very, very different points of the journey from pastor to pioneer, but really share some very interesting and helpful […]