Hello and welcome to the reunion episode of Pastor to Pioneer!  This week, Britton checks in with Matt and Neal from his adventures out on the road.  Matt and Neal give updates of what they are seeing in New England and West Michigan, respectively, and Britton shares what he has been learning through having his family as his primary ministry, including the growth he has seen in all of them.  The guys discuss the difference between having a Spirit-led conviction about doing church differently rather than just doing it out of convenience.  As a part of this, they also dig into the reality that a growing number of people are discontent with the church as we know it.  The guys also encourage and remind each other—and any listeners—that if we are faithful with what God brings us, then God will take care of any growth and multiplication that is meant to happen, and that Jesus, not some form of church or multiplication, is the true and only treasure.

Check out this episode!

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