Join us for episode seven of season three of Pastor to Pioneer as Britton converses with Kirby Langley in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Kirby has been and continues to be part of the church in a variety of ways and on multiple levels.  From being involved in church software sales to being an elder at Mars Hill Church in Seattle—including the time when things crumbled badly there—to exploring what being the simple church looks like for him and his family, Kirby has seen a bit of everything.  He shares with Britton about the mix of good and bad from his time in Seattle, and goes on to discuss his continued journey with Jesus and how it led him to North Carolina.  Even as he explores simple church options, Kirby continues to be involved in the legacy church at the same time, discerning what might be best for him and his family.  Kirby also share the ways in which he approaches questions about the church very differently now, in his forties, than he did or would have in his twenties or thirties.

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