This week on Pastor to Pioneer, we hear from Michelle Smith.  Michelle is a leader in the simple church in west Michigan, and wife to Britton Smith who co-hosts this show.  Michelle and Britton share their story of how they began to step into being the church in their home, and all the difficulties, nuances, and new experiences that entails, especially when the whole family is involved.  They open up about things they needed to detox from, as well as major shifts in their thinking and approach to life as a family and as a church.  Michelle and Britton discuss the need to model things well for your children, as they will pick up on that modeling—good or bad—whether you intend them to or not. They also go into some practical suggestions for ways to shift or change a house church setup depending on the ages and maturity of children involved, and especially to help them engage well.

Check out this episode!

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