Hello and welcome for the final time—this season—to Pastor to Pioneer.  This week brings both Britton’s travels and season three to a close.  Britton reconvenes with Neal and Matt to wrap things up, and shares with them about being ready to move his family into his mom’s house as they discern what God has in store for them next.  The guys spend some time talking about various aspects of detox that are necessary for pastors when they step away from the prevailing model of the church.  Britton shares some of the insights he gained on this topic from his time on the road, while Matt and Neal join in by sharing from their experience coaching pastors.  The guys discuss the difficulties of attempting to detox, process, and separate from something while you’re still in that self same environment.  As things draw to a close, Britton shares about his desire to be more mindful of living into several of the things God taught him while on the road, no matter where this next season of life brings him and his family.

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