Welcome to season three, episode eight of Pastor to Pioneer.  This week Britton comes across Tennison and Ginelle Barry in his travels, and garners insight from them as they share about their journey with faith, the Church, and their own identities, purpose, and expectations.  Tennison and Ginelle describe how, despite the very good works they were doing—working in ministry and fostering over 70 children over the course of their work—they still felt that something was lacking, so they chose to step away from ministry in general and traditional church in particular when they moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  As Ginelle and Tennison began to process some of the difficulties they had gone through and why they felt the need to take a step back, they realized that there was trauma in their ministry past that they needed to deal with, that they had idolized ministry itself, and that they needed to step into growth in relational maturity.  Ginelle and Tennison share that they began to be able to do these things as they stepped away from the prevailing model of church and into what they call Community Tables—their version of simple church.  As they have grown, so they desire to see others grow, especially in meaningful relationships with God and others through these gatherings in their home.  The Barrys reveal their passion to help the Body of Christ grow in greater maturity and relational health as they have experienced the importance and reality of this in their own story.





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