We are kicking off Season 4! On this episode of the Pastor to Pioneer podcast, I have two friends that join me, Tyler Dippery and Jordan Baker. You may remember Tyler, who has been on the podcast before. He’s from Lubbock, Texas, and was part of a team that transitioned a church of 10,000 people and 10 campuses into a decentralized network of house churches, so he experienced the approach of trying to transition a whole church. 

Jordan, on the other hand, was not a senior pastor, but was an associate pastor of a church in Mansfield, Ohio. He didn’t try to transition the whole church, but he was sent out by his church to continue the work of pioneering disciple-making and simple church movements. 

This episode covers two different perspectives. They bring up so many amazing thoughts to consider when you’re going through that questioning of these things like, “I’m having conviction about the church and following Jesus, is it just for me or is it for the whole church? Do I just get sent out or do I try to transition my whole church?”

Check out this episode!

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