Hello listeners, and welcome to episode sixteen of season three of Pastor to Pioneer!  This week we are back to Britton on the road, as he connects with David Hinman, a former pastor of 30 years.  David shares with Britton about his journey with the church.  He was a pastor in the traditional American church model for over three decades, leading everything from large churches to small church plants, but the more time he spent in that model, the more discontent he became with it.  As David began to explore other expressions of church, he started hearing from overseas about movements that emphasized disciple making.  He decided to step into this idea full on, and began starting simple churches in Phoenix, AZ.  As he began this new work he started realizing how important prayer was in movement.  He and the team from New Generations—an organization David is involved with—interviewed disciple-making movements from around the world and discovered some consistent keys to impact-making prayer.  David and Britton dive into these key prayer factors, as well as the importance of prayer in regards to spiritual warfare in a given area or city.  He encourages anyone wanting to step into a movement of disciple-making and simple church planting to start with prayer!  

He is passionate about helping others in movements around the world grow in prayer through –  www.movementprayer.org

He currently helps shepherd the network of simple churches and disciples with the Phoenix Underground – https://www.phxunderground.org/

David can be reached at – Dhinman@newgenerations.org


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