Hello and welcome to Pastor to Pioneer!  This week—episode four of season two—we hear from Damian Gerke.  Damian is an elder in the 1Body network of house churches in Tampa, Florida, as well as a leadership and talent development coach.  In this episode, the guys talk to Damian about what real leadership looks like, especially in a decentralized church.  Damian vocalizes that in this type of setting, leadership is much more about empowering others and building relationships—coming alongside others to raise them up—than it is about position-based authority. Damian emphasizes that his goal as a leader in this disciple-making, simple church movement is not to accomplish some organizational achievement or standard, but rather to help point the way for others to fall more in love with Jesus and become more like Him.

For more from Damian, check out his book, In the Way, or his website:


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