Welcome back to Pastor to Pioneer!  Join us as we tackle another week on the road with Britton, who this time around connects with Patti Namazie, a former stay at home mom who felt prompted to join her church’s missions department, and then eventually felt led by the Lord to become a pastor. Patti discusses how her vision was initially squashed by her pastor, but that he later apologized and asked her to start a new campus in Sarasota, Florida.  As much as she didn’t want it to be like the church she had come from—all about the Sunday morning show—it eventually did.  Ultimately, Patti got burned out and tired of being more production manager than pastor, leaving that church to plant a new one with a colleague in Pensacola, Florida.  Again she had hopes that things would go differently, but again—much to Patti’s frustration—they wound up the same.  She and the other pastor were not on the same page about how to continue, and so Patti stepped away in January of this year.  Patti shares with Britton the ways in which she and her husband Steve are attempting to discern what is next.  She wonders if she should be raising support or finding a traditional job.  As Patti and her husband balance this with stepping into disciple making and engaging in simple church, she has been pleased to discover that most of her time IS NOT going into managing the Sunday morning product and just making sure the show goes on.  She has the heart of an evangelist and now feels free to be among those who don’t know Jesus and to share the Gospel with them. Patti also shares how grateful she is and how valuable it has been to connect with others who are like minded and pursuing similar things and to be encouraged by and learn from those people along the way.  


Patti’s email: pnamazie@gmail.com


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