Hello, hello, and welcome to episode seventeen of season three of Pastor to Pioneer (on the road edition).  This week, Britton reconnects with old friend and former college dorm mate Alan Briggs, who currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.  Britton and Alan connected at an event in Phoenix, AZ that Alan was helping to run with his current organization, Stayforth—a ministry designed around coaching leaders and curating events for them to slow down, catch their breath, and recharge.  Alan was a pastor for 13 years, working primarily with church planters.  In this time, he observed several heart issues that needed to be addressed, and so began coaching those leaders.  In doing so, he realized that he himself was coming more alive, and so felt led to step out of pastoral ministry and into the thing that was bringing him life.  Stayforth was birthed out of this transition.  As Alan shares about all of this, he also touches on several important insights regarding change.  He addresses the need to “disorient before you can reorient,” and how leaders can learn and grow in that space of vulnerability, especially if they have someone to walk through the process with them.  Alan dives into his work with guiding leaders, discussing his four steps to change: 

1. Naming

2. Permission

3. Practice.

4. Leverage.

Email: alan@stayforth.com

Website: www.stayforthdesigns.com 

Coworking Space: www.gathercos.com 


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