Everyone knows there’s only one way to be a pastor, right? Well…not so much.  In this episode of Pastor to Pioneer the guys talk to Wes Sharp, a pastor in Alabama who began discovering new paths of leadership and disciple making. 


Wes shares how his initial understanding of making disciples was that the only way to do that was to go to seminary and become a pastor—to do it the “right” way.  He eventually discovered, though, that it was much less complicated than that.  Wes has been able to make huge strides in his community and in growing and empowering other followers of Jesus through operating in a much simpler and more relational way than the path he originally thought he had to follow.  Wes didn’t abandon his initial work as a traditional pastor, though, and talks about how and why he simultaneously operates as both a pastor of a larger church and helps lead the simple, decentralized church in his area.

Check out this episode!

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