Welcome to episode 4 of season 4! Today we continue to talk about how do you transition well from being a pastor into pioneering, disciple making, and simple church movements? Today we’re having a conversation around this topic of how transparent should you be with your church when you’re starting to grow in conviction and wrestling through some big questions about what it means to follow Jesus and be the church. How transparent should you be with people? When should you be transparent? What group of people should you be transparent with? How transparent should you be when you decide to leave and why you’re leaving?

Today I have two friends on the podcast that are at different places on this journey. Jim Pool from Detroit and Delton Lehman from Pennsylvania. Jim transitioned away from being a pastor two years ago, and Delton is in the middle of that process right now. He is going to be transitioning out of his role as a pastor in the prevailing model of the church at the end of the year. 

Check out this episode!

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