Welcome back to Pastor to Pioneer!  This week we listen in as Britton connects with Jonathan and Cheyenne Phillips, a couple based in Fort Meyers, FL who have occupied pastoral leadership roles while in the midst of feeling called to make a change.  Johnathan and Cheyenne share with Britton about the difficulties of realizing a processing that a change needed to happen.  They are open, honest, and raw as they discuss how they weren’t on the same page for parts of this journey, particularly because Jonathan processed many of his thoughts individually and didn’t talk things through with Cheyenne until much later.  The two of them discuss the things they have learned from the mistakes they made, and what it looks like for them to be on the same page when it comes to making big decisions.  Once Cheyenne and Jonathan sorted things out and came together, they both felt clearly that the Lord was asking Jonathan to leave his role as senior pastor at their church.  They don’t yet know what’s next, but are stepping into following Jesus a little bit at a time as He leads them through this process.  They know the future involves making disciples and being the church in simple ways in their home but they are waiting on the Lord to walk them through exactly how to get there.  As they share with Britton, Jonathan and Cheyenne talk through the reality of returning to their first love, Jesus…of being in relationship with Jesus simply to know and love Him, and that people do not need a new formula or model, but just, simply, need Jesus.  Jonathan and Cheyenne share all this even as they are in the middle of it, trying to figure out which page they’re on and exactly when to turn it, listening to God along the way and trusting that He will show them these things even as they walk by faith.

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