Welcome episode four of season three of Pastor to Pioneer!  This week, Britton speaks with Jason Walker, a former youth pastor currently living in the Pittsburgh area.  Jason quit his job as a youth pastor nearly a decade ago when he realized that professional, full time ministry was killing him, his marriage, and his family.  He had planned to take a break, a few years at most, and then head back into full time vocational ministry—until he began to see a new way to be the church.  After reading Francis Chan’s Letters to the Church, Jason started dreaming about ways in which the church could be different from what he had experienced to that point.  He started a house church with his wife and a few others, and let this be his means of being the church.  Jason shares with Britton about the detox process when leaving vocational ministry, particularly emphasizing the importance of former pastors and those in their house churches going through that process in order to not bring their previous “church baggage” with them.

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