This week on Pastor to Pioneer, Britton speaks with Delton and Charity Lehman, a couple in the middle of the discernment process regarding what a simple church and discipleship-oriented movement might look like for them in their current life context.  Delton and Charity ended up in Pennsylvania, at the church Delton grew up in, with Delton serving as the head pastor there.  Lately, Delton has been hearing more and more about disciple-making and discipleship oriented movements around the world, and wrestling with what that might look like in his own city.  The more he has struggled with these ideas, the more he has felt led to ask the question, “What do I do with this?”  Delton shares these struggles with Britton, exploring whether this is something that is just for him and his family, or for the broader church they serve as well.  Charity and Delton reveal that they will soon be having a difficult but honest conversation about these struggles; about their love for their church but the seeming incompatibility with the things stirring in their hearts.  The Lehmans are earnest about discerning their next steps alongside wise friends, and though they don’t know what the future holds or which direction they will go, they trust Holy Spirit to guide them through the process.

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