Hello and welcome dear listeners, to episode 18 of season three of Pastor to Pioneer.  This week Britton connects with Tim King in Rapid City, SD.  Tim was a pastor in Kentucky for several years before feeling called to start a new church in Rapid City.  Tim shares that he entered the venture with hopes that things would be different this time around, only to discover as time went on that this new church experience was winding its way into the exact same place as his old church experience.  Tim recollects that as he pondered these things, he realized that the issues he was seeing were foundational—and they had never been addressed.  This led him to asking more and more questions, especially why-oriented ones like “Why do we even do this?”  As Tim and Britton parse some of the whys and what-fors, they also dig into cattle branding in South Dakota as well as Britton’s moth-agedon situation that he barely survived while on the road in South Dakota.  Currently, Tim remains a pastor in the church—one who asks questions, tries to make changes, and encourages others to ask deeper, why-oriented questions as well.

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